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Jess Lapid Jr., a movie personality, decided to take scuba diving lesson as a diversion from the stressful world of showbusiness. Little did he know that what started out as a hobby for some relaxation, will soon turn out to be a professional career for him. He was first certified by CMAS Japan as an Open Water Diver in 1989, an Advanced Diver in 1992, Rescue Diver in 1993, and a 4-Star Dive Master in 1994.

After considerable evaluation, his Instructor saw substantial potential in him to become an Instructor. He then started as an Assistant Instructor in 1995. After much needed skills and experience, he took the challenge of becoming an Instructor. In 1996, he was certified as 2-Star Instructor. Equipped and motivated by his passion for diving and teaching, he began developing different obstacles and exercises in addition to the usual training routine to fully enhance students' skills and confidence underwater.

In 2003, he crossed over to CMAS Philippines and over SSI in 2004.With years of immeasurable experience and honed skills in the field, he was able to create Intensive Underwater Specialty Courses. Soon enough, he embarked in doing Underwater Cinematography for Philippine Movies, Underwater Videography for TV programs, Tv Commercials, and Audio Visual Presentations.
He was then approached to teach scuba diving to the disabled. Though a little hesitant at first, he successfully hurdled the challenge of teaching scuba diving for the disabled on wheelchairs.
In 2010, he became a 3-Star Instructor Trainer of CMAS Philippines, given the responsibility of developing and certifying those who aspire to be an Instructor. Currently, he is part of the the team that further develops, improves, and promotes the training courses offered by the organization.

His passion and devotion continue to encourage him to boost the progress of the diving industry.

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